Offer A Unique Customer Experience

Create An Unforgettable Business With CheckMe

What's worse than chronic Dehydration?

Not doing anything about it.

Tell me what you pee

I'll tell you how much to drink

There are many benefits to having the Check Me Hydration Mat in your workplace

Make Your Business Memorable

50% of your customers will like knowing your business is looking after their health. You’ll find that portion of clientele in your men’s room. Our urinal mat is a clever way to engage with customers. They’ll leave your business remembering how unique their bathroom experience was and also how hydrated they are.

Boost workplace performance

Dehydration can cause a 50% decrease in productivity. The urinal mat is a critical tool to prevent your employees from getting sick and underperforming.

Gain 70% more trust from customers

7 out of 10 clients judge your company by bathroom odour and hygiene level. Our urinal mat ensures lavender-scented porcelain thrones all day long, setting the standard for superior bathroom hygiene. Impress your customers.

An Advanced But Simple Solution

Experience rapid hydration checks with Hydration Urinal Mat at a glance. CheckMe offers
personalized recommendations of how much water you need to get back to hydration.

How Does It Work?

1. Follicles break up urine, holding it for 15- 20 seconds
2. Match urine color with coloration chart located around block
3. Results range from 5- extremely dehydrated to 1- extremely hydrated
4. Results show how many cups of water needed to restore healthy fluid intake